Here at JXL, we love anything that helps make our lives easier. Keyboard shortcuts are one of those things that can save a lot of time and hassle when used correctly. Most our regular customers know the basic keyboard shortcuts (such as CTRL-C for Copy and CTRL-V for paste), however there are plenty more out there. Here are just a few of our favourites. How many of these do you already know?


These can really come in handy if you are like most computer users and only use one monitor. While you have your current program open, you can press the Windows button on your keyboard as well as an arrow key, and it can do all sorts of handy things. Pressing left will snap your program to the left side of the screen, allowing you to use it in a split screen setup. The right arrow will do the same on the right side (great for people studying or writing assignments!). The up arrow will maximise the program and down will minimise it.


These three keys will save the day if you accidently close a website you were viewing. Pressing this opens your last open tab in your web browser. Best of all, press it several times and it will keep opening up your previous sites. It will not work however if you are using your browsers private browsing mode.


This will lock your computer screen, and will require you to log back into use it again. This is great for if you are away for your computer for your lunch break for example and are worried people may try to jump onto your computer while you are away. It is also a handy shortcut if someone happens to walk into the room and you have something you’d like to keep private on the screen!


This is another little trick using that handy Windows Key. Pressing this combination will minimise all open programs giving you access to the desktop. This is great for if you store a lot of files on the desktop and require quick access to it. It’s also great for once again quickly hiding what you were up to!

ALT + F4

This shortcut can be used to close any program that you may have open. This really comes in handy if for some reason you cannot work out how to close a program, or if the “X” in the corner is obscured of off the screen.


When you are in your web browser, hitting ALT + LEFT ARROW will take you back to the previous page you were on. It’s the same as hitting the back button, but it’s usually much faster to do it from your keyboard. Gone back too far? ALT + RIGHT ARROW will take you forward a page.


Yet another handy web browser shortcut, this will bookmark the current page you are on. Don’t forget to give it a useful name to help you remember it in the future! If you can’t see your bookmarks for any reason, pressing CTRL + SHIFT + B from inside your browser will make the bar appear like magic.


This handy shortcut will allow you to rename the file that you have selected, and it works in most programs. Great for renaming files on the fly.