$79 – Maintenance

We offer 6 month of your website stable control and protection. The experts will take care of initial safety and security options setup, and you can rely on our proven security insurance offer and enjoy running your online business or personal website with your heart at peace. What’s inside the offer? Our team will help you to:

1. Simplify your site backups and restoration: WordPress backups are essential when running a website. Your files will be automatically backed up to a cloud server or your FTP on a recurrent schedule.
2. Ensure ultimate security. Your user accounts, login and registration forms will be protected. This will take your database and file system security to a whole new level.
3. Set up strict Firewall rules. Complex htaccess rules stop malicious scripts, brute force attacks and comment spam. You don’t have to worry about firewall problems anymore.
4. Keep your website up to date.  Any available version updates for CMS style sites including themes and plugins will be performed during the first 6 months.

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