We have an excellent news for our clients.

We are pleased to announce that the our VPS server migration was completed successfully.

We are perfectly aware of the importance of having a reliable and fast service. We are also aware that everything has a life cycle and can break down eventually. This is why we have decided to be pro-active making sure our servers are packed with the best possible hardware to improve their performance. The main purpose of the maintenance was to migrate all accounts to a new server which has more server RAM Memory and has a multi-core processor that is much more powerful. Here are some of the benefits of this server upgrade:

1. Safer and more stable VPS environment.
2. Increased server performance and reliability.

The upgrade process was meticulously planned and was done as fast as humanly possible which ensured the shortest possible downtime period for the upgraded server and was performed in less than an hour thanks to the meticulous planning and our team members. We also scheduled the maintenance to be done on in specific time period where most sites were at their lowest activity.

No changes were involved, and there are no actions required by clients, we are taking complete care of the server upgrade.

The majority of users experienced zero downtime due to the method used to migrate between servers, although any customer that would be affected by the server upgrade process was notified prior to the event with a follow up post cutover to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

If any customer has experienced any issues please open a ticket, use the live chat window below or give me a call.