How JXL Can Help This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again, meaning that advertisers have released their festive adverts and stores have dusted off their Christmas displays. Most importantly, shopping centres have moved their latest and greatest devices to the front of the store.

Sadly, not every computer or device is ready to run straight out the box, nor will every device be ready to interact with others when it’s first opened. Each new gadget comes with its own setup and often today's toys, computers, tablets and devices require extensive updates before they are ready to function. This commonly means lengthy installation periods, which can really put a dampener on your holiday spirit!

Here is how JXL can help you this season:

Setup New Devices

In the modern day, simply purchasing a gadget doesn’t make it ready to use. Often they still require setup, updates, and extra steps to make it safe to access the internet too. Our technicians can come to you and take the hassle out of setting up your new equipment. When necessary we can even install additional features and software such as Microsoft Office, an antivirus and security features. Most importantly, we can configure everything so it behaves just the way you want it to.

Transfer Data From Old Devices

Getting a brand new device can be fun and exciting but before getting carried away with the latest technology, we must consider what happens to our old data too. Depending on the device there are any number of dangers and pitfalls to think about. If you dont dispose of your old equipment correctly, you can risk someone else accessing your personal data potentially leading to serious issues such as identify theft. We can help transfer old files and data to your new device and advise on how to dispose of your old one too.


It sometimes happens that new technology has moved so fast and changed so much that it doesn’t play well with older devices already installed on your network. Sometimes it seems impossible to even connect certain devices at all. Often simple configuration changes are all that’s required to introduce two pieces of technology successfully. With the right set of eyes and in knowledgeable hands the most complex of jobs can often be turned into a quick fix.