An Update From JXL Network Solutions On COVID-19 
Here at JXL Network Solutions, like everyone else out there, we are deeply concerned about the ongoing pandemic that is upending the lives of millions throughout the world. At this stage, we are continuing, where possible, to remain operating to offer assistance to anyone who needs help with their computers and I.T equipment. We know there are an increased number of people who are working from home who may need help, or people just looking to use their computer more to connect with friends and family. We have implemented a series of  policies to assist both our customers and our staff in these challenging times. We would very much appreciate a few minutes of your time to read the following message.
Remote Support Is Available
Firstly, we wish to remind all of our customers that we offer a secure remote support service. For those unaware of what remote support is, it is when we connect to your computer through the Internet to help resolve your issues without the need for a face to face visit. The software that we use is easy for our customers to operate, and anyone with the knowledge of how to access a website would have the requisite skills to allow our technicians to safely and securely perform your repair this way. While there are less issues that can be fixed remotely, common repair jobs include Email issues, virus removals, optimizing computer speed and most other software related problems. There is also a cost saving for remote support and as there is zero contact with our customers, we will continue to offer this service indefinitely.
Social Distancing and Minimal Contact
  There are very pubic guidelines that have been released that emphasize the importance of maintaining and safe and proper distance from others. To ensure we are compliant with such guidelines, we will no longer be shaking the hands of customers during this period and ask that you maintain a safe distance from our staff while interacting with them. Many of our technicians may request to take your computer offsite for work to minimise any direct contact with you. As we do not charge for travel time, there is no additional cost for this and we appreciate your understanding if such a request is made. We will continue to ensure that our staff comply with all recommended guidelines for both our safety and those of our customers.

We also ask that if anyone has recently returned from an overseas trip, or been exposed to anyone known to be carrying the virus, to request only remote support until the necessary self-quarantine time has elapsed. 
Removal Of Cancellation Policy
  An existing policy of ours is that we are unable to change or cancel appointment times within 24 hours. However, we appreciate that in this current climate, peoples circumstances may change on short notice. As such, we will allow jobs to be cancelled or rescheduled up to an hour before the start of the time bracket provided that there is a genuine reason for this. We will be trialing this until the end of April 2020, and any extension of this policy will be notified by email as we monitor the situation. We have allowed this change as a courtesy to our existing customers, however we do ask that any changes to bookings be done when absolutely necessary. Many of our technicians have families and commitments of their own, and any changes can cause significant inconvenience for us. 
Potential For Longer Repair Times
  With many computer parts being produced in China, we have noticed a shortage on some parts, and an increased cost in those which are available. There are also some couriers that are being overwhelmed by additional deliveries due to people no longer going to physical store locations. While we do our best to offer the fastest possible repairs at all times, any delays by third parties impacts us and directly affects our turn around times. We are often as unsure as our customers as to when parts will be delivered, and appreciate your understanding and patience. 

There are also some service areas where our staff have chosen to take leave due to health concerns or increased family commitments. We fully support the decisions of these technicians and apologise in advance if we are temporarily unavailable to accept new work in your location.