With many family computers getting a good workout over the school holidays, we have found ourselves dealing with a higher number of virus removals than usual. Sometimes, the symptoms of a virus are obvious, but worryingly some can be quite subtle. Even those who are vigilant with their antivirus updates can find themselves at risk, (albeit a minor one) as new viruses and malware are created and spread online every day.
If your computer is displaying any of the following symptoms it may be worth giving us a call to have a chat about it. We are always happy to discuss your computer problems and see if we can be of assistance.We are available on 1300 551 350. 

A Sudden Decrease In System Performance


When you have malware on your computer, it runs in the background taking up your computer's system resources (RAM, CPU usage, storage space etc). If you notice a sudden decrease in speed, and you haven't made any recent changes to your computer, it may be something nasty like a virus. Of course there are many reasons why a computer can run slowly, so this alone isn't a reason to panic. It may be worth getting your computer looked over however, as no one enjoys putting up with a slow PC!
Your Computer Starts Talking To You


This would fall into the more "obvious" category that your computer has a virus. Many viruses these days will try to scam you, and either display a message to call a phone number, or talk to you and request that you call a phone number for assistance. These will always lead to an unregulated overseas callcentre, where they will try to get remote access to your computer as well as your credit card details. If you have an issue like this, the only phone number you should be calling is ours. Do NOT follow the instructions given
Your Hard Drive Light Is Working Overtime


Most computers come with a hard disc activity light, that flashes when the drive is being accessed. If you start to notice a lot of disc activity when the computer is not in use, this may be the sign of a virus. Once again, this alone is not a reason to worry as it may be the computer performing any number of basic background tasks. However, if you have noticed an unusual spike in activity on your drive along with other symptoms is may be a cause for concern.
Your Antivirus Has Been Removed / Disabled

The people who created viruses and other malware go to extreme lengths to try to stop their software from being detected. One common tactic they employ is to try to disable your computer's security software such as antivirus programs and firewalls. If you notice your security software has been removed or is no longer active, that can be a warning sign that something is not right.

You Have Issues Browsing The Internet

If you noticed your browsing experience has changed, it may be a sign that you have malware on your computer. Things to look out for include popup messages, slower speeds, added toolbars in your browser, your modem flashing when you aren't using the computer and more. You can usually tell if something is quite right, so if you are suspicious that something may be running in the background of your browser or computer, it may be worth getting it checked out.